Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random post

I don't remember when was the last time i blog.

Today suddenly have the mood to blog about my current life.

I ENJOY my current life - study, work, trip, chill with friends

My study at Taylors wasn't that bad, even though i can do more better. (I've gained back some confident)

FYI, I'm too much active in Taylor's Chinese Society and finally i got some return from there.

This is what i wanted since i enrolled in Taylors. Chinese Society is the only place that i can find back myself and my confident.

At the mean time, i got hired by MyFM radio station as a My cruiser recently. (happy!! ) I never thought i have the opportunity to join MY family. This is one thing that i really proud of myself, it is not easy to become one of the member and I DID it! Now i really believe what said by Margaret Thatcher - "I do not know anyone who has got to the top without hard work. That is the recipe. It will not always get you to the top, but should get you pretty near."

When you got 2 job and study at the same time, you will definitely be busy. Not only that, i'm actually worry bout whether my job will affect my study if i do not plan well. So, GOOD LUCK Casey!

And yea! I always wanted this busy life and i LOVE it. People might think that i'm crazy, but this is ME....

p/s: My life will be perfect if i have LOVE! still waiting for mr.right :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011!!!!!

Hi guys, how have u all been recently? Such a long time didn't update my blog...Cause i dunno what to update...But suddenly i have ohm to update it now.

Yes! i'm still me.. nothing much changes in my 2010 life. Started degree life in Taylors, and i'm still alive! Yeah-ness!! Thanks to my dorothy & saqina who helped me a lot in my assignment. Appreciate it! Muackss. At first, i was thinking how am i gonna to survive in this high English level environment. But when time passed by, i told myself i can do it! And then, yea...I does it!

Congratulate to myself that i got a study award from Kuok Foundation and it is "Half Loan Half Grant" Award. Finally someone appreciate my sincerely, my hard-work, and my needs. Thank you Kuok Foundation! Without you, my daddy will suffer on my tuition fees.

"I gained a lot of experiences" will be the best sentence to review what I've done in 2010. Complete my diploma in SEGi; internship, Continue degree at Taylor's University; Scholarship interview; Teaching latin dance; Got a chance to dance without paying; went back to my past tuition center to meet the tutor where we never meet them since 2007 (xp); working as a freelancer; Organised camp; Joined as a organizing committee in Chinese society@ Taylors; Produced & edited my very own video; Act as a zombie character in one of assignment and got a good review; Celebrating birthday with different friends and etc. There are so many first time in year 2010. Glad on myself had a good try and making myself more tough and independent!

Graduation trip @ Genting

Jaysee's 21st birthday party-theme 60's-80's
Tuition friend's gathering
With Cikgu Ahmad-Sejarah tutor
Malaysia-LAH campaign held by PR2 & Media students
(I gained most of my experience by holding this campaign-Thx Ms. Eena)

SEGi Head of School of Communication
With Jojo Struys
Internship@ Netforte where the office is based in Cyberjaya
Photo taken during my last day working @ Netforte
(All the colleagues treat me so good during my intern! Thanks them!)
With Karen
Photo taken during Pikom Leadership Summit @ hotel Nikko

Jogoya with friends
Photo taken during my grandmum 71st birthday celebration
(On the left-grandmum; right-grandaunt; i'm so sad that my grandaunt had passed away on early December where this photo taken on August. I'm more close with her if compared to others grandaunts and actually this is the only grandaunt left. But now...Few days before she passed away, she still talked with me and ask me about my study. Suddenly she fell down and 3 days after, she passed away. .. My grandmum really in pain! No one accompany her mahjong every Sunday....We miss you.:( Yi Poh, R.I.P )
First time baking cake for my god-mother birthday.Thumbs up for me! Taste good ya!
Over Da' Top first cross over dancing camp (26th-28th December)
Ladies with Bobby Tan

Farewell dinner with Ms.Tharshini-One of the best lecturer in my 1st semester @ Taylor's. She is the one who taught me alot in acting and performing! Unfortunately, she has to continue her Master @ Miri...
New course-mate in Taylor's!!
Princess Dorothy & I

Birthday celebration 1 @ Italianese Curve

Birthday celebration @ gilly cafe

Birthday celebration 3 @ Chili's Midvalley
Embarrassed moment at Chili's
Cam whore using MAC @ Taylors..this is what we usually do in the library! xp
Charity event organised by Bentley Music, Leo club as a joined project
Leo's club member..i'm not actually..
SEGi Behind the Frames showcase by School of art & Design

MIFA Fashion show@ pavilion
Open house 13 Nov 2010
Suan's & Limly's Costume birthday Party
Casting (extra only) for Lelio Popo
Group photo taken during Chee Wei 21st birthday celebration @ Garden 1u

Cindy Birthday @ Sky Bar Traders Hotel
Halloween Party@ Taylors

Yeah..Picture tell the story...:) Couldn't manage to upload all the photo taken in year 2010.sorry..hehe
Anyway, Happy 2011, hope this year will be an exciting year!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

i need holiday..

Started my new college life at Taylors.I'm in love with the facilities , service and environment there. The most worried part finally comes to me, the language! Everyone there speak fluently, and i realize my vocabulary is so poor!!! Not only that, the fees for my course really suffering my poor little daddy.Because recently he does not have a lot job to do..(sad) Anyway i still persist to continue my degree there even though it is a problem. Maybe you may think that i'm wrong with my choice,but i do not regret with the choice that i had chosen.Cause i feel it is worth for the education. I'll work harder than others.Tell you what, i'm really stress with my assignment, and i finally found the differences between diploma level and degree level or might say the level in SEGi and level in Taylors. Each subject only has 3 assignment but those assignment can kill you indirectly.Cause every week you have to make sure your assignment in progress.There is no "LAST MINUTE" work..
Anyway,Casey, you can do it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Taylor's University College

I hope i will be continue my degree in Taylor's on July 2010.
I hope i get the scholarship.
I hope to learn something new in Taylor's.
I hope i know more friends in Taylor's.
I hope to study there with my friends.
I hope my English improved after study there.
I hope i still keep the level during the study.
I hope i have a lot of money for me to go overseas.
I hope my father earn a lot of money.
Hope My DREAM Comes true....